Our Guest Experience with Triple-room Bookings

Years of staying at various categories of hotels and service apartments around the world, and despite the availability of technology, one thing that never seem to change is that booking three guests to a room remains as tricky as ever.

Some hotels simply do not accept three guests to a room (extra bed or not). They fail to mention this outright, however, causing the guests to find out only after going through the booking procedure.  The hope is that somehow, the guests end up booking two rooms.

And then, hotels that allows three to a room, with an increased room rate, often make it rather complicated for the guests to figure out if extra bed is included or not.  Often, we were expected to squeeze on beds that comfortably sleeps only 2, unless an extra bed, which can be up to an added cost of USS$80 or more, is ordered.  Which means that the increase shown in the rate for a triple room over that of a double, was meant to cover only the admission of one more guest, and not to mean the inclusion of an extra bed. 

Besides the extra bed, there is still the interpretation of whether two or three breakfasts would be included if the breakfast option is chosen.  Outside of the bundled breakfast rate, any top-up for the third guests is usually priced rather steep, making it more meaningful to eat outside the hotel.

It doesn’t matter if the booking is made directly or via hotel booking sites.  A lot of different replies would ensue, and over-ruling would occur even after the guests check in.  Twice though, there turn out to be an extra layer of protection booking via hotel-booking sites.  The sites had already addressed our queries, clarified and confirm in writing.  Upon check-in, although the hotel staff gave another interpretation of what is included for the third person in the room, they choose to give in, rather than make the call to clarify with their agents.

Once in the room, we find that it is not uncommon for Housekeeping, despite reminders, to place only toiletries and bedding meant for two, leaving the third person wondering if they should have brought along a sleeping bag.  Call for service becomes a norm, and sometime a chore.

You’d have thought that with so many guests, and after so many years, the hotels would have stream-lined these options and make the selection organised and systematic.  But no.  The guests still have to hassle over it, which can make the AirBNB option more attractive.


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