Super humans at The Great Wall of China

The Wall can be pretty steep, and rest breaks helps alleviate the strain of the climb. 

Without the luxury of time, it requires near super human strength, speed, and stamina to cover the distance of 20 over towers, and make it back to town in a timely fashion for the rest of the day's appointments.

The sun was relentless that day, adding to the challenge.  We've heard of heatstroke casualties.

But this is the Great Wall, after all, and our guys aren't giving up without a fight.

So, did they emerge super-heroes or zeroes?

Definitely a hero in the making.

Whoa!  These steps mean business.


Meandering up and down.

I can fly, I can fly..

Tower in sight.

Lush mountain view.

Incredible to walk on the Wall!

Taking a break midway.

Wish granted!  Superman has appeared!  Yes, the Man of Steel himself.
(Photo cropped out of respect for privacy)

Up close, Henry Cavill is the persona of Bond – James Bond.
Steely-eyed until he talks, and then his eyes twinkle with charm and wit.
Such multi-faceted expression isn't easy to mimic - even for A-List actors.

We even got a Certificate of Climbing The Great Wall to prove that we are all super-heroes!  Yea!

The Chinese name (万里长城 Wànlǐ ChángChéng) for "The Great Wall of China" should correctly be "The Great City of China" – with 'City' translated wrongly to 'Wall'.  As the Wall was long, rather spacious and expansive, it was a city of sorts in ancient times.