Art Auction with artist Daniela Fernandez @ Web in Travel 2016

Opening bid S$1,200..

Beautiful Daniela Fernandez with her enchanting painting

It took Daniela 12 hours to create an art piece fit for auction to the highest bidder, with proceeds to be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore. 

The canvas is an adventure of scenarios, with each portion depicting a different destination of the world, based on the wish list garnered from WIT's day 1 audience.  As members of the audience expressed their wish list for their favored travel destination (..a green Jaipur; forest cover for the roof structures of the Sydney Opera House; fly-past over the Great Wall of China, etc.), Daniela sketched out their ideals, which was then projected onto the canvas using the wondrous colors of acrylic.

Photos taken w. permission of artist

Auction off at S$4,200.. to Melissa Yang of @Tujia.

You may reach Danielle at


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