The Dark Cave

Our driver remarked: "I've never seen tourists stay as long as you guys when visiting the Batu Caves!"

That's because we were totally enraptured by the Dark Cave, a conservation site many visitors overlook on the climb up Batu Caves' tower of 272 steps.

Like many, we were wondering if the entrance fee of RM35 was worth it. The Batu Caves itself wasn't much to crow about (sorry, bats!).  Monkeys were everywhere, and bats were nowhere to be seen.

Undecided, we made our way to the Dark Cave, situated on the left side of the climb up Batu Caves' massive staircase, v.v., on the right side if you are climbing down.

Batu Caves' Tower of Steps

Standing in front of the entrance won't make up your mind.
Hmm. What lies beyond?

Eventually, after some indecisive moments, we waylay two Caucasian tourists on their way out for their opinion.

"Definitely worth a visit!" they chirped.

Like they say, in case of indecision, Just Do It!

Dark Cave Collection Booth & Souvenir Store

Pay, and many doors open.

The Dark Cave of the bats and home to an ancient ecosystem of over 100 million years brings us back to pre-historic times.  In our busy times, we don't know when we will get to experience life this way.  Dark Cave Conservation management really did a good deed when they section off this part of the Batu Caves to protect it from visitors; there were signs of damage inflicted from times when you could access the Dark Cave freely.

From feedback, we came to understand that the Dark Caves has some of the most wonderful guides in the world.  Our guide, the zesty Educational Tour Guide Zarris, transformed the tour into one that opens up vistas of a world we have lost touch of.


At one point of the cave, all will be asked to switch off the torch to witness the pitch black darkness of the cave, amidst the chattering of peeps, squeaks and chirps of the bats.

This is what you see with your eyes wide open..

One of the souvenirs you can pick up as a momento.

Zarris suggests a future visit using the KTM Komuter train near Batu Caves that connects to the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, by LRT to KLCC Station.

After experiencing the Educational Tour, we can highly recommend the Adventure Tour that accesses the wilder section of the cave, the highlight of which is the infamous Crawl Passage. Wild!

The Dark Cave - Malaysia's official site