Event:   Impressions of Happiness
Type:   Art Exhibition; Book & Film Presentation
Venue:   Chapel Gallery, Sculpture Square
Date:  11 to 17 April 2014
Initiated by:   Singapore Bhutan Foundation
Organizer:   Druk Asia Pte. Ltd.
Officially opened by:   Dasho Kesang Wangdi,
Bhutan Ambassador to Singapore

Impressions of Happiness Poster


Art Exhibition
°   Mr Kama Wangdi (a.k.a. Asha Karma)
~  Winner of National Order of Merit Gold Medal (2010), Bhutan.

°   Mr Rinchen Wangdi
~  Founder of Datog Art Gallery, Bhutan.

°   Artists from Voluntary Artists Studio (VAST) Bhutan
°   Mr Lian Cherng Zhi, Singaporean artist
~ See his artworks in Druk Asia's 2014 calendar.

Book Launch
The History of Bhutan
°   Dr. Karma Phuntsho
~ Author, Bhutanese scholar / Director, Loden Foundation, Bhutan.

History of Bhutan, Karma Phuntsho

Film Screening
Forgotten Treasure
°   Ms Siok Sian Pek Dorji
~ Filmmaker.  
Her film captures how modern expertise used new techniques to restore the 15th century monastery of Buli, Bumthang, Bhutan.

Photo Credit: Druk Asia Bhutan Travel Specialist
Photo Credit: Druk Asia Bhutan Travel Specialist

In support of:
°   International Young Artists Exchange (IYAE), Singapore
°   Voluntary Artists Studio (VAST), Bhutan

This is the first Bhutan-Singapore artists’ joint collaboration to showcase works of art that embody the Bhutanese concept of happiness.

Part proceeds from the sale of the artworks goes towards the aid of less-privileged young artists of the International Young Artists Exchange (IYAE) fund (Singapore) and VAST studio (Bhutan).

Dr. Karma Phuntsho Presentation
Dr. Karma Phuntsho, attired in Bhutanese traditional Gho, giving a presentation about Bhutan.

Mani Wall, by Kama Wangdi

Humble, by Kama Wangdi I
Kama Wangdi - whose artwork is also displayed at the Taj Tashi in Bhutan – is known for his vibrant creation.

Kama Wangdi Artpieces
A series of his paintings adorn the gallery entrance.

Lian Cherng Zhi, Singapore Artist

Lian Cherng Zhi, Art Price Tag
Watercolors in modern frame, by Singaporean artist Lian Cherng Zhi.

Picnic, by Rinchen Wangdi

Paddy Field, by Rinchen Wangdi

Archery, by Rinchen Wangdi
Rinchen Wangdi's paintings, with its neat brush strokes and subdued colors, transport the viewer into the scene of his creation.

Rinchen Wangdi (at left) beside his painting "King"
Rinchen Wangdi (at left) beside his painting "King"[/caption]

Asked if any of his paintings are captured off actual scenes, he said: “No.  I envision several images that strikes me and then form a composition from the various themes, landscape or subjects.”

Our fave is this one of Bhutanese dancing gracefully to the tune of the Dramyen* master, while Black-necked cranes fly freely above the valley, nestled in the lush and verdant mountain landscape.
*Dramyen ~ Bhutanese traditional lute instrument
My Land, by Rinchen Wangdi

My Land Dance
Entitled My Land I, it has that touch of still life art that yet evokes the true essence of peace and happiness.
Very special.

My Land Tag
SOLD! – SGD$3,000.

Druk Asia Poster

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-Pictures taken with permission of Organizer & Artists-


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