SME Event: Digital Marketing

Event:  Digital Marketing: Understanding the new deal of internet and social media campaigns in 2014
27th January 2014 | 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Venue:  SICCI Building, Singapore
Organizer:  SME Centre@SICCI
B=SME Digital Marketing


Having a great product, idea or service is fine. Being able to market it correctly and efficiently is better. Marketing has changed a lot these last few years, especially since computers, internet and more recently social media have brought new means to get in touch with potential or existing customers.

In a fast moving environment, digital marketing is shuffling the decks almost everywhere. Travel agencies are being taken over by online tour operators. Bookstores have little chance when they face Amazon. Universities are in competition with new online courses.

Digital marketing is both a risk for established players and an opportunity for younger companies and brands, including SMEs. It can lower budgets, develop better, traceable marketing operations and include never seen before direct link to their costumers.

This workshop will
1. Provide an introduction to key marketing concepts
2. Show how the digital era is changing them for the better

3. Identify how you can take advantage of it
4. Include a game and provide actual case studies from Europe and Singapore

Key Takeaways
• Understanding new rules for marketing
• Developing a roadmap to set up an online campaign
• Understanding level of price and ROIs in the digital world
• Using free tools for basic online marketing issues (monitoring one's reputation, calculating virility of a PR operation, etc)
• Marketing online for B2C and B2B companies

Target Audience
• Directors/CEO’s
• General Managers
• Operational Heads
• Senior Executives

Speaker Profile
Martin Pasquier has been working for 5 years in the social media field. When he began, Facebook was quite new and Twitter did not exist.

In Singapore, Martin founded Agence Tesla Pte. Ltd. in 2012, and has been successfully serving clients in the luxury, entertainment, healthcare and consumer goods industries, both in B2C and B2B environments.

Previously, he worked for La Netscouade, a pioneering social media agency in Paris with clients such as Renault (carmaker), Carrefour (retail), French Senate (politics), and local telcos or construction companies.

Martin has also trained Master's level students in mass communications in two different universities for two years, transferring the knowledge in digital marketing. Martin is a co-author of two books, one in French on "Influence and Reputation online", another one to be published in English in Q2 2014 on "Business is Digital".

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SICCI Building
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CLOUDSEC 2014 - Preview

VenueCLOUDSEC 2014 
Date:  02 - 04 September 2014 (Tentative)

Venue:  Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizer:  Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Asia Pacific Region (APAC)

CLOUDSEC 2013 Logo

About CLOUDSEC Summits
Founded in 2011, CLOUDSEC Summits has established itself as the leading thought leadership and educational events for CXOs and senior managers with cloud security responsibilities in the Asia Pacific region.

These events are vendor-neutral and feature presentations by industry experts who address a wide spectrum of real-world challenges and strategies in cyber security today.

The events are hosted by Trend Micro and supported by industry leaders, government agencies, nongovernment organisations, professional associations, technology vendors, and cyber security professionals from around the world.

Key issues of CLOUDSEC Summits 2014:
♢  Cloud & Virtualisation Security
♢  Cyber Threats (Targeted Attacks)
♢  Consumerisation (Mobile Security)
♢  Data Privacy & Protection
♢  Security Management
♢  Big Data Security
♢  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement

CLOUDSEC 2014 Preview 01
CLOUDSEC 2014 Preview 04

For more information
Twitter: Twitter@CLOUDSEC2014
Source: Ken Low, Program Director, CLOUDSEC Summits