Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013

Date:  08 - 10 November 2013
Venue:  Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizers:  Dentsu | Sozo

The 2013 edition of Anime Festival Asia, held at the newly renovated Suntec Singapore, attracts fans of all things anime.  This is also one of the few occasions where members of the public get to witness the legions of cosplayers with admiring followers and photographers trooping around.

As it turns out, cosplaying can also attract consternation when it crosses path with those who misinterpret the characters some cosplayers choose to pose as.

In the spirit of cosplaying, a cosplayer dressed herself up in the battle gear outfit of the character Ryuko Matoi, from the popular anime series Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill character Ryuko Matoi
Kill la Kill character Ryuko Matoi

Unfortunately, that particular character act was apparently too much for a conservative lady, who caused a commotion when she raise the alarm by calling the police.

In observing the scene, the girl was actually still within the confines of what would normally be deemed acceptable as a cosplay area; the cut of her dressing concedes a lesser degree of exposure and she was posing just for the event.  Everyone was just having fun, aww..

AFA Little Girl Coplayer
AFA Little Cosplayer
Anime Festival Asia
Anime Festival Asia
Anime Fesival Asia
Anime Festival Asia

Overall, it was an event that brought a lot of joy to the young and young-at-heart.  Full of fun vibes and energy.

We thoroughly enjoyed the festival!


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