ITB Asia Announces 3-Year Partnership with Marina Bay Sands

Messe Berlin (Singapore), organiser of ITB Asia, has announced a 3-year partnership with Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.
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After this year's hosting at the revamped Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center, the 'Trade Show for the Asian Travel Market' will take place at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands (MBS), on the following dates -

29 – 31 October 2014
21 – 23 October 2015
19 – 21 October 2016

Other than offering conferencing/exhibiting facilities as official venue, MBS will also be the official hotel partner involved in:-
♥   Hosting international buyers
♥   Opening receptions
♥   CIP C-suite lunches
♥   Offering free Wi-Fi to all delegates
♥   Providing convenient and integrated experience for all delegates
♥   Accomodation for attendees

The ITB Asia-MBS collaboration will see Marina Bay Sands help grow the level of quality participants by inviting an additional 100 of their top worldwide buyers from leisure, corporate, and MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions), to the existing ITB Asia Hosted Buyers Programme.

Extract from ITB Asia Press Release, released by:
ITB Asia PR Contact for the Asian Region
ICON International Communications
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“Marina Bay Sands offers ITB Asia a unique value proposition, including accommodation for attendees as official hotel partner and world-class conferencing facilities as official venue. The venue’s prominence together with ITB Asia’s reputation as a leading trade show will help to attract and grow leisure, MICE and corporate industry partnerships. This partnership also provides ITB Asia with the space we need to grow this industry platform over the next few years, and expand our exhibition and conference programme to reach out to more delegates and exhibitors worldwide,” said Nino Gruettke, Executive Director, ITB Asia.

ITB Asia represents the full spectrum of tourism at all levels including the hospitality sector, tour operators or travel agencies, National Tourism Organisations, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, travel technology firms, MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) and corporate travel representatives.

Each October, the trade show attracts over 8,000 participants, representing more than 90 countries, allowing delegates to ‘meet the world in three days’. ITB Asia is also a partner event of TravelRave, a mega travel and tourism festival week organised by the Singapore Tourism Board.

For more information on ITB Asia 2013 events and conferences, visit

TravelRave 2013 - 4th Travel & Hospitality Festival

21 to 25 October 2013

TravelRave, the annual travel and hospitality industry festival initiated by the Singapore Tourism Board, offers a unique annual platform to exchange insights, discover new opportunities, and celebrate the achievements of Asian tourism in a week-long festival. 

This year’s week-long expo is in partnership with:
•  Messe Berlin Singapore
•  Questex Media Group
•  Terrapinn Pte Ltd
•  WIT Team @ Wired Ventures Pte Ltd
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21 October 2013
5th SEA: Singapore Experience Awards
Organizer: Singapore Tourism Board

Prestigious award platform honouring outstanding individuals and organisations from Singapore’s tourism industry:
•  Attractions
•  Business Travel and MICE (BTMICE)
•  Dining
•  Experiential Learning
•  Entertainment
•  Healthcare
•  Hospitality
•  Retail

21 - 23 October 2013
APTDI 2013: Asia Pacific Tourism Destination Investment Conference
— The International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) Summit Series
Organizer: Questex Media Group LLC

Best practices in master planning / public-private partnerships and innovative business models to unleash investment potential for upcoming tourism destinations in Asia Pacific.

21 - 23 October 2013
WIT: Web in Travel Conference – 9th Year
Organizer: Wired Ventures Pte Ltd

A next-generation conferenced focused on the digital online travel space in Asia Pacific: travel distribution, marketing and technology, future of travel in the digital age.

22 October 2013
Asia Travel Leaders Summit - 4th Edition
— By Invitation Only
Organizer: Singapore Tourism Board

2-way dialogue on travel and tourism industry issues by leading minds and voices.

22 October 2013
Hotel Technology Conference - 4th Year
Organizer: Questex Media Group LLC

Region's only conference dedicated to the field of technology innoations to enhance guest experience and revenue management.

22 – 23 October 2013
6th Aviation Outlook Asia 2013
Organizer: Terrapinn Pte Ltd

Strategic gathering of senior airline executives from Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Discussions on best strategies to capitalise on aviation market.

C-level networking platform to explore new ideas, learn best practices and develop new partnerships in the region.

23 - 24 October 2013
UIA Associations Round Table - Asia 2013
Organizer: Union of International Associations

UIA has been working to promote and facilitate the work of international associations.

For the first time, the UIA Associations Round Table comes to Asia!

Share experience and knowledge with:
•  Representatives of other international associations
•  International thought leaders
•  Association experts from around the world

Topics include:
•  Membership management and retention
•  Delivering value to members including those from Generation Y
•  Community engagement
•  Communication tools and strategies
•  Workshops to gain practical skills and tools to work better

23 - 25 October 2013
ITB Asia 2013 - 6th Edition
Organizer: Messe Berline GmbH
PR Contact for Asian Region: ICON International Communications

ITB Asia – ‘The Trade Show for the Asian Travel Market’:
•  3-day B2B Travel Trade event
•  Incorporates not only leisure, but also MICE and Business Travel
•  Youngest and fastest growing travel trade show in Asia
•  900 international exhibiting companies in one location
•  Source for new destinations, travel products and services
•  Network, gain business insights and generate business leads

The vast network of prominent players from both the international and Asian travel industry makes this a not-to-be-missed event.  ITB Asia not only acts as a horizontal market place for travel products but also as a vertical one for suppliers of the travel industry.

•  Conferences, workshops & seminars on key industry issues
•  International exhibitors across the travel sector, includes:
-    prominent hotel groups 

-    tourism boards
-    leading travel companies
-    full range of travel products and services

Held annually in Singapore:
23 – 25 October 2013   Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
29 – 31 October 2014   Sands Expo and Convention Centre
21 – 23 October 2015   Sands Expo and Convention Centre
19 – 21 October 2016   Sands Expo and Convention Centre

ITB Asia Organizer

Messe Berlin GmbH
Messedamm 22 D - 14055
Messe Berlin GmbH is Member of AUMA.

Messe Berlin (Singapore) Pte Ltd
28 Maxwell Road
#04-05 Red Dot Traffic
Singapore 069120

ITB Asia PR Contact for the Asian Region
ICON International Communications

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CEO Nicholas Tse on "Leadership"

We post here a transcript from the film clip by:
Thompson Center for Business Case Studies (CBCS),
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School,
Hong Kong

CEO Nicholas Tse, Post Production Group Founder, on “Leadership
Hello, everyone.

It is my honor to be here to be able to share some of my dreams, my experience with you.
Some of you may know me through music or movies, or some of you may not know me at all.  I am just another kid with big dreams.

I started this company when it was 2003, I believe.  I was 23 years old, and at that time I just thought I wanted to learn something.  Apart from my core business, which is singing, movies, I wanted to learn something more.  What I am learning is actually linked to my core business.  I have been doing movies and commercials and music videos for a long time.  But how can I enhance that visual effect?  I really think that there is a high demand for post-production, and that is where we come in.  Hong Kong PO is doing very well.  Our sub-branch in Shanghai is doing very well.  We are opening in May in Beijing and I hope it is going to do as well.

But it’s also linked.  When I started off this company, I actually sold one of my houses and I leased it to the band, and I borrowed money from the bank to start this company off with four people.

Now we have over 130 staff.

But at that time, was it a gamble?  Yes, it was.

But I also had three commercials in hand.  I talked to the producers and the director that if I do this company thing, would I be able also to do the post?  So I had about a year’s overhead before I opened my company.  So I really don’t want the wrong message to go out to the kids and say, “Look, Nic, all he did was to just gamble his house for a great future.”   No, I did not.  Although, yes it was a gamble but I had kind of a safety net behind it.  I really don’t know what my best leadership qualities are, or my worst.  I think these should be complimented or criticized by other people.  And not for someone, as one person should say, am I a good father?  Am I a good human being?  You can say all that, but it would mean nothing.  It should be said by my staff.

I am trying to do what I think is just the necessity of a person.  What we want.  Mutual respect; we want to be cared, we want to be loved, to be respected and that’s why in my company we have the least hierarchy problem.  I would cook for my staff.  We have our own soccer team.  We have our own badminton team.  We have our own mountain-biking team.  We just went on a big vacation together.  We do all the activities together.  And they would literally throw a big bucket of ice at my face, freezing cold, and knowing that we are having fun.  But after we have fun, we all go back to work.  Or another great example is when we were picking out the new office.  I actually called on a vacation and said, “OK, today we are going to stop working.  So what are we going to do?  We are going to look for a new building for our new office.”  And they didn’t know that they were involved, and they asked why. I said, “I am not going to be the one sitting here 18 hours per day looking at the same screen forever.  It’s you.  I want to make this  your home.  You’ve got to be comfortable to stay here.  You’ve got to feel that it is part of you, so you are actually looking forward to going to work.  That will also stimulate your creative thinking, and then the job will get better.”

I think creative thinking is probably the most important thing right now.  Ideas are actually selling a lot more than hardware.  Right now, I know I have three light bulbs shining at me, I have three machines shooting me at the same time.  But they are just hardware.  Creative thinking, alright let me put an example as -- Angry Birds, now that is creative thinking.  How far has Angry Birds gotten in the world now popularity-wise than these three cameras and light bulbs?  The thing about creative thinking is, it’s all you, it’s no one else.  No one can take that away from you.  It’s for you to say yes or no, how or when, where, why.  It’s your label forever and ever.  And that, you never know, it might just take you far away.

To train up your creativity, I would have to say as what Bruce Lee said, “To be honest with yourself.”  What do you love most?  Because I truly believe that If you have the most, the utmost passion for something, then you would know it deeply and you would trade it every day.  You would understand it, and therefore you would think from that topic and then you would thrive for excellence.

How do I find my passion?  That I think I would have to quote Bruce Lee: “To be honest to oneself, that is very hard to do.”  I watch his interviews over and over again, and that guy is charismatic, confident, not to the point where he is arrogant.  He is a philosopher, he is a well-known martial artist, and an actor.  I think passion, ultimately, you’ve got to be really, really honest to yourself, what you like the most.  And by that I mean, you cannot say, “I love my post-production company but then I also want to join that karaoke function tonight, or have dinner with my girlfriend.”  There are sacrifices to make.  Now that means you really want something that bad.  I really resent anyone that puts you off and tells you that you cannot do something because nobody should be able to tell you you cannot do something.  Only because they cannot achieve their goals does not mean that you cannot achieve your goals.

I convey my vision just simply by going through all the departments.  Sharing my thoughts with them; openly speaking my mind with them.  Ultimately, the average age in my company is 28 to 34, I think, something like that.  So actually we’re all pretty young.  They would speak their minds freely.  I think that is very important.  I hope to motivate entrepreneur behaviour by setting an example by myself.  Let’s say if I were to come here four hours late straight for four months, I am pretty sure my staff is going to be here late for four hours ,or they are going to know that my boss does not give a crap so why should I.  But if I’m here first person, first thing, every morning, and I set that example for a period of time, they know that this guy really cares.  And then they are going to be here.  And we are going to share our thought.  We are going to have breakfast together.  We are going to do a lot of things together.  Things should go well from there.

Five years ago, there was another company that was willing to pay five times the payroll that I am paying right now to my staff just to have them walk away from my company.  Out of 20 staff, only one left.  I asked the question, I asked, “So really guys, what is the main reason?  Give me in a word, why you are staying here?”  And it surprised me, to actually hear this from them.  All they just said was, “You know, when we work here, we know how to smile.”  And that is when I really believed that I have succeeded in the managing field.  If that person actually feels that “Wow, I didn’t think you cared about me,” or “He would actually see my problems, my worries, before I even approach them,” then that trust is actually raised to another level.  I think that’s how my staff and I work.
This company is not doing anything different or special that other companies are not doing.  We are just doing what a lot of people have forgotten.  We are just treating people as human beings - with care, with love.  I think a lot of companies, because they are growing so fast right now, they are lacking that care between them; the friendship.  The words just “to lead,” it’s now just lead but to set yourself as an example to be able to call on harsh decisions, to be able to motivate, to dedicate, and to inspire.  All that together - discipline, self-discipline - ultimately all these virtues together, elements together, is a leader.  If I were to give some advice on how to develop your leadership elements, or your own self, first of all, really be honest with yourself.  Know what you love the most, have the most passion for, and do not lie.  You can sleep on a lie forever but then you will never be good at it because you don’t love it.  You’ve got to love something enough to devote, to dedicate, and then sacrifice all the other stuff that you don’t want, to be able to reach the goal.

Secondly, never duplicate or replicate.  Let’s say today you see this kid called Nicholas Tse sitting right in front of you.  I am not asking you to embrace my personality, or my jobs, or my work.  I am asking you just to see what you can pick up from this guy and then to put on yourself, or maybe say that is totally not me.  I am not going to do what he is going to do for a living, or how to lead.  I think he is wrong.  That is fine also.  Not to embrace everything, not to replicate or duplicate, but really find yourself.  Through that, you must be honest.

And if you have all that down, that might just be in a sentence.  But if you have all that down and it is really from here, you will lead.

MICE Today

The Meetings Industry is commonly referred to as MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) and as MEEC (Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions) in the USA.

MICE / MEEC is a category of tourism in which a party or group gather for a particular purpose – economic; environmental; medical; scientific; various other social activities.  Compared to individual or personal tourism, the Meetings Industry group numbers can be phenomenal.

To tap into the lucrative economic value that this business tourism brings, more and more destinations have turned into MICE hotspots.  The Meetings Industry contribute direct and indirect revenue for host destinations, ranging from the generation of foreign exchange, job creation and business opportunities to the development and upgrade of national and regional infrastructure.

The competition for a top ranking position as a Convention City / Country has correspondingly become highly competitive as a good ranking position boosts the meetings destination’s reputation and credibility, and is often one of the key influencer for decision makers determining where their next meeting destination should be.